Driver App

Robust Next Generation Android & iOS Driver App

Delivery driver app for standard smart phones. Allowing merchants the flexibility and the features they need to operate their restaurants delivery operations effectively.

Driver App that Works

With the delivery driver app merchants can rest assure that their drivers will receive all dispatched orders. The driver app continuously runs in the background even if the driver is in a different app. Our push notification feature gives restaurant owners peace of mind, knowing drivers will always receive orders.

Better Customer Experience

Drivers can easily manage and change the status of an order in real-time allowing customers and the restaurant to track the status of orders. Customers never have to wonder when their order will arrive because drivers can send (Running late SMS messages to customers directly from the driver app).



With more ways to manage your business, you now have full control and greater confidence knowing your business will run smoothly. Go ahead, take a few days off. You've earned it.

GPS Driver Tracking
GPS Driver Tracking

Track delivery orders from start to finish. The drivers current location is always viewable directly from the map.

GPS Location Directions

Provide turn-by-turn delivery directions for the diver. Always insuring and planning the best delivery route.

Check-Out Reports
Check-Out Reports

Daily driver checkout report insures driver orders and monies collected are accounted for.

Order Receipt
Order Receipt

Onscreen customer receipt for driver reference.

SMS Messaging
SMS Messaging

Send customer an SMS message directly from the driver app, if the driver is running late with an order.

Credit Card Processing

Driver can accept credit card directly from the driver app. This insures lower transaction processing costs to the

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